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1. Shipment means all documents and parcels under one receipt which may be carried by any means ACMI chooses, including but not limited to air, road, sea, and other carrier. Every shipment is transported on a limited liability basis unless shipper requires greater protection at a higher freight cost.
2. ACMI’s liability for loss, damage, or delay shall be as follows:
a. For lost or damaged shipments with NO DECLARED VALUE, liability shall only be limited to refund of freight fee, regardless of the actual content of the parcel.
b. For lost or damaged shipments with DECLARED VALUE, liability shall only be limited to the value declared in the Official Receipt, regardless of the actual/declared content of the package, and refund of freight fee.
c. For delay in the delivery, liability shall only be limited to refund of freight fee.
3. ACMI shall not be liable for loss, damage, or delay arising from act of God, force majeure, acts of government authority, or shipper’s breach of this contract.
4. ACMI shall not be liable for other damages, such as moral and exemplary damages, and consequential damages, unless, the amount of foreseen consequential damage is declared during the acceptance and higher freight fee is paid.
5. Shipper warrants the following:
All information are true and correct, particularly, names and addresses of shipper and consignee, as well as, the declared contents and value of the shipment.
The shipment contains no hazardous or prohibited items, e.g. explosives, flammable, firearms and parts, ammunitions, illegal drugs, live animals, and all other items prohibited by law or common carriers, or requires government permit for its transport.
6. Shipper warrants and agrees that the consignee or any person of sufficient age and discretion will be at the given address to receive the shipment at the agreed day of delivery and shipment may be released to the latter in the absence of the consignee.
7. Shipper agrees to check and verify the status of his shipment at any ACMI branches, customer care hotline, or www.airlandcargo.com.ph within five (5) days from date of acceptance. If undelivered, the status posted in the Tracking in the mentioned ACMI website is deemed sufficient notice to the shipper and the latter must claim his shipment within thirty (30) days from acceptance, otherwise, ACMI shall dispose the same in a manner it sees fit and apply the proceeds, if any, for storage fee from the date of posting of non-delivery until claimed or disposed.
8. Consignee or any person of sufficient age and discretion shall check the shipment upon receipt and the shipment is deemed delivered and received in good order and condition in the absence of a complaint or noted damage immediately communicated to ACMI.
9. ACMI may open and check the shipment prior to acceptance in the presence of the shipper or authorized representative to ensure that shipment contains no hazardous or prohibited content. ACMI reserves its right to refuse acceptance which, in its discretion, would be violative of its policies and pertinent laws.
10. All claims must be filed in writing within thirty (30) days from date of transaction, otherwise, the same shall be denied.
11. Parties herein warrant that they are of legal age and have full legal capacity to enter into this contract at the time of the transaction.
12. By transacting with ACMI, shipper warrants that he/she has read, understood and agreed to the full terms and conditions of ACMI found in its website and displayed in their branches.


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