Historic Aircraft “Lockhead Super Constellation” shipped to Qantas Founders Museum

Historic Aircraft “Lockhead Super Constellation” shipped to Qantas Founders Museum

Planning and preparation essential for problem-free transport of O.O.G. cargo

Qantas Founders Museum based in Longreach Queensland, Australia, purchased this historic aircraft in September 2014. This sensitive historic piece was transferred from Manila International Airport thru the busy and narrow traffic roads of the Port of Manila Due to ACMI’s strategic planning, the “Super Constellation” finally made it to its final and rightful home in Queensland Australia on May 2017.

The Lockhead Super Constellation is a very historic aircraft internationally, especially so for Qantas Airways and the nation of Australia. It was used by the airlines in the 1940s and 1950s. It operated the longest air service in the world: the Qantas Kangaroo route between Sydney and London. The Constellation was also the first Qantas aircraft to feature flight attendants, and was the first pressurized aircraft. This aircraft was also operated by the United States Air Force, who had it during the war, and at some point was also used to carry fish cargo from the Philippines to China and Japan.

The facilitation of pertinent documentation and diligent preparation for any setback resulted in the perfect transport and on-forwarding of this cargo overnight.

Photo credit: RuthAS